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We Can Be Heroes

At A Glance

  • Date
    Saturday, August 12th
  • Time
    9PM - 12AM
  • Location


☆★ We Can Be Heroes: Vol. 3 ★☆
Saturday, August 12th
At Bulli.Social

We're picking up where we left off...

So far, we've had Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, George Michael, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Prince but this time we have WHITNEY, JAMES and MARVIN as our headliners. Artists so iconic they don't even need surnames. All of these guys have changed the course of pop culture and we need to check them out one more time!

Bulli Social is having us back; it's gonna be a beautiful night under the starz. So don't come with no slack. Legends don't, we don't expect you to either. But don't get it confused - this is A DANCE FLOOR SET.

You can wear some spandex or a gold lame jacket if you want or come as you are. We don't mind. We also hear there are two very important birthdays that night - celebrities in their own right :)

Lip-sync challenge? Why yes! Lip-sync challenge in drag!? Why hell yes. Pick an artist, pick a tune.

**More SURPRISES in store**

♫ Your DJs for the night: THE ANDRO3 (Phil, Nathan and Milton) ♫

9:00pm - until! 10 bux on the door.

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