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Oktoberfest 2017

At A Glance

  • Date
    September 29th - October 1st
  • Location
    Frog and Onion Pub


Oktoberfest, in the Victualling Yard at the Royal Naval Dockyard, is Bermuda’s best loved beer, brats and brass band festival. Headlining each evening is one of the world’s outstanding beer hall bands, Oompah Brass, who are, in the words of Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2 host, “The Legends in Lederhosen- they rock- so good!” Featuring amazing Oktoberfest brews from co-sponsors Dockyard Brewing Co., and Burrows & Lightbourn, the tent will be set up in the classic style of long trestle tables where you can enjoy traditional Oktoberfest dishes by Küchenchef Derek Myers.

When: Evenings starting at 6pm September 29th, 30th and afternoon starting at 2pm October 1st, 2017

Where: The Historic Victualling Yard in the Royal Naval Dockyard (Frog and Onion Pub & Dockyard Brewing Co.)

Time: Friday and Saturday nights. Happy Hour from 6pm, Band starts at 7pm. Sunday is Family Day from 2pm!

Entertainment: Featuring Oompah Brass all the way from London, UK and Wayne Davis “awl de vey” from Somerset!

Booking & Tickets:

Friday and Saturday Only
Blue Seating (Blau) $700 (Number of tables 5 x 10's)

Includes the following:
1. Alpine hat with feather
2. 1 Welcome Stein of Beer or glass of wine
3. Table Service Included
4. Preferred Seating at the front of the tent
5. Menu
• Baskets of Pretzels (lots of salt) with Mustard (1 each)
• Meal: Mixed Bratwurst (2 Pcs) with Mustard, Grilled 1/4 Spring Chicken, with Sauerkraut and German Style Potato Salad
• Dessert: Apple Strudel with Cream

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Red Section (Rote) $500.00 (Number of tables 9 x 10's )

Includes the following:
1. Alpine hat with feather
2. Table Service Included
3. Meal: Mixed Bratwurst (2 Pcs) with Mustard, Grilled 1/4 Spring Chicken, with Sauerkraut and German Style Potato Salad
4. Preferred Seating near front of tent and stage

Friday & Saturday
Yellow Section (Gelb) $250.00 (Number of tables 14 x 10's)

Includes the following:
1. 2 baskets Pretzel (lots of salt) with Mustard.
2. Table Service Available
3. Preferred Seating

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Green Section (Grun) $100 (Number of tables 7 x 10's Fri/Sat, Sunday tables 28 x 10’s)
1. Reserved Table

Other Notes:
• Other tables may be available (weather dependent) on a first come first served basis
• Authentic Plates of German Food and Self-Serve Bar available only under the tent.
• Full menu and bar available inside the Frog & Onion Pub.
• Please call 234-2900 to reserve, or email frog@irg.bm

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