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Black Bottle Birthday Bash

At A Glance

  • Date
    Monday, September 18th
  • Time
    10PM - 3AM
  • Location
    Snorkel Park Beach


Hip Hop Royalty, Angela Simmons and a few of her closest friends have chosen Bermuda to host Angela’s 30th Birthday Getaway. This once in a lifetime experience will include 5 days and 4 nights of exclusive local activities and events. This event looks to draw an audience of young executive producers, on-air radio personalities, bloggers, writers, Music & Film executives, and athletes.

September 16-18th marks a weekend of celebrity filled events promising a true Bermudian experience. These events are not be missed.

Join Angela on her birthday as she celebrates her 30th at the Official Black Bottle Birthday Bash inside of Snorkel Park.

Music by: Black Bottle Boy, DJ OHMZ, DJ Genius in HD and Bermuda’s own DJ Rusty G. This event is the final event in the Angela Simmons Official Birthday Weekend and is one not to be missed.

$10 in advance | More at the door

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