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City Food Festival

At A Glance

  • Date
    October 17th - October 20th
  • Location
    Pier 6 (Lower)


Who will take home the crown and bragging rights as this year's top chef in the City?

Join us as we kick off the City Food Festival Chef Competition featuring 6-8 amateur and experienced local chefs. Chefs will go head-to-head competing in the following categories:

October 17th
Round One: Appetizers
October 18th
Round Two: Entrée
October 20th
Round Three: Dessert *

October 17th/18th
Preliminary Rounds
Each Chef will be given five ingredients they must include but are not limited to, to create a mouth-watering dish. The competing chefs have also been tasked to create samples the patrons can taste while the chefs recreate them live for the judges. The winners from Round One and Round Two will advance to the finals on October 20th. The Festival has partnered with Goslings who will provide a welcome cocktail as well as complimentary red and white wines for Rounds One and Two.

October 20th
Chefs Table / Chef Competition
*Join us for an intimate Rum Dinner and Chef Competition Final, presented by Fourways Catering and Bacardi Rum. Together they have created a fun evening featuring an exclusive menu paired with Bacardi rums. Some rums are mixed into cocktails, some are cooked into the dishes and others are served neat. The night will start with a welcome cocktail, followed by a sumptuous 4-course meal. Participants will learn about rum and how it's made while sipping cocktails and enjoying dishes presented by Fourways. Once the entrees have been served we will start the Chef Competition Final featuring desserts. Both Chefs have been tasked to create samples for the patrons which will be the final course of your meal.

Bonus: Purchase two or more City Food Festival Tickets and you will be entered into a draw to attend the exclusive Bacardi Bartender Competition taking place October 19th.

If you are a foodie you won’t want to miss out on this exciting series of events celebrating food, wine and friendly competition.

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