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Housestyle Takeover ~ Block Party Edition

At A Glance

  • Date
    Saturday, April 6th
  • Time
    8PM - 1AM
  • Location
    Bulli Social


Nakternl Entertainment presents

Housestyle Takeover The Block Party Edition

Nakternl Entertainment invites you to come party with us as we have our first block party at Bulli Social. This will be our first outdoor event of the year and we want to celebrate the it with each and everyone on you with good music, amazing drinks and most importantly you, the best parties the world has to offer. We have created a special Housestyle burger for the for the night to along with your complimentary cocktail you receive upon entry.

The music for the night will be carefully curated by some of Bermuda’s best house DJs. So get your tickets now from Premier Tickets

DJ s for the Night
Mike Shawr
DJ Fozzy
Double 0

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