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Summer Dress Compilation
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A range of colours and prints are on the horizon for your summer dress collection.

Take your style to great lengths in this trippy, dye effect maxi bandeau dress. Donna Morgan Dress $168

Take work chic into after hours, with this blue one shoulder number. DKNY Dress $148

Feminine silhouettes are complimented with bold lines and colours. DKNY Dress $375

Bare your shoulders, in this relaxed fit bandeau summer dress.  DKNY Dress $325

Elaborate pleats as far as the eye can see. Max and Cleo dress $148

Boast tribal energy in this faux wrap sundress. DKNYC $139

Calming shades of blue will set your mind at ease. DKNYC Dress $139

Vibrant flowers against crisp white gives a refreshing take on summer style. Corey P. Dress $50

Summer maxi dresses for easy wear and accessorizing. Allison Britney Print Maxi Dress $36

Casual and fashionable unite. Tiana B. Dress $68

This vibrant red dress with balloon sleeves camouflages your flaws and highlights your assets. NY Collection Dress $58

Relax in the simplicity of this paisley and stripe maxi dress. Sunset Road Stripe Dress $69

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