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Gibbons Company
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Turn your home into a winter wonderland of dazzling trimmings and accessories from Gibbons Company!

Our Christmas Shop has everything you need for your tree. From ornaments, wreaths, and a shimmering selection of floral pics in an array of colours, we have it all! Whimsical ornaments in jewel colours will add sparkle to your tree. Priced from $4.00 in the Home & Garden Department. Entertaining made easy with ceramic holiday platters from a collection. Priced from $45.00 in the Home & Garden Department. Holiday acrylic glassware in seasonal colours. Short tumbler $5.00, tall tumbler $5.95, wine glass $7.95 found in Home & Garden. We have everything you need for turning your holiday baking into magic! You will find cookie cutters, cupcake cups, icing decorations, decorative goodie bags, ginger bread house kits and more all available in the Home & Garden  Department.
The Gibbons Home Store is ready for Christmas with trimmings to make your home decorating easy. From an assortment of ornaments starting from $4.00. 12” x 12” Ritz Vase $68.00. Fill it with your favourite decorations or potpourri. Available in the Gibbons Home Store. Decorative Candle Holders. Small $60.00, Medium $70.00, Large $80.00. TAG pillar candles from an assortment starting at $6.95 and both are available in the Gibbons Home Store and the Home & Garden Department at Gibbons Company. Prestige 100% cotton towels. Bath $22.00, hand $12.00, wash $7.00 available in the Gibbons Home Store. Fill your home with seasonal fragrances by Colonial Candles priced from $5.95 - $37.00 and a pkg of 12 tea lights is $12.00 available at the Gibbons Home Store and Home & Garden in Gibbons Company. Christmas themed decorative shower curtains $24.00 - $38.00 are available in the Gibbons Home Store.
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