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Carnival 101: Getting Ready for the Road
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Here are some tips on how to look and feel your best on the road while having the time of your life during carnival...

Getting Ready For The Road
By Miss Lady


Many carnival divas will tell you that preparing their carnival look is like getting ready for their wedding with all the glitz and glam. But don't forget carnival is a physical activity - wining and chipping in the middle of the road and in the hot sun. Here are some tips on how to look and feel your best on the road while having the time of your life during carnival. Listen to the audio for more info and don't miss the videos at the end of this page for makeup tips.

Hard bottom shoes vs. Soft bottom shoes. Preferably a size too big and break them in before the road march. Your feet will thank you. Dancers stockings (no control too) give a finished look by smoothing things out and hiding imperfections. They also help you feel like you have clothes on. No lie. Word is Beyonce often wears several pairs when performing. Notice the customized cup. Cups, cups, and more cups. True feters collect them along with wristbands during carnival. Promoters and bands give them out but not all are equal. A large cup with a top will greatly enhance your road experience. Nude fishnets are a girls best friend friend for that finished look with a bit more freedom - and breeze - then tights. Layer them on top of tights for a longer lasting look. Or wear colored fishnets to be extra funky and stand out.  

Carinval Makeup Tutorial

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